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A Hafiz in Every Home

While performing nass on Maulana AliSA and appointing him his successor and the Imam after him, RasulullahSAW said, “I am leaving behind amongst you two precious things; so long as  you adhere to them you will never go astray: the book of Allah (Quran e majeed) and my  progeny. Both will never be separated.”

Today, the Islamic world is plunged in warfare, destruction and widespread anarchy-a result of separating the two by forsaking the Imam in the progeny of RasulullahSAW, the true successor of the Nabi. Only the followers of Aimmat FatemiyeenSA, and in their seclusion, the Doat MutlaqeenRA have adhered to both. As a result, the Dawat and the children of Dawat have always remained on the path of righteousness untouched by the vicissitude of time and the ravages of change. Today, Rasulullah’sSAW Dai, the  representative of the ImamSA, the successor of Doat, Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS calls us  towards strengthening our adherence to these two precious entities by his earnest desire, call and prayer,

“Let there be one hafiz in every home.”

Allah says in Quran, “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (Not that ye may despise each other).”

Humans have, from time immemorial, lived in tribes and clans. A house is the smallest unit of a tribe. It can subdivide and proliferate into many other houses, but a house cannot be fragmented without the family getting broken up. A home is also where a woman secures and expresses herself; a man finds solace and comfort; and children undergo their upbringing crucial for life. The house envelops its inhabitants in protection and safety, shielding them from the heat and oppression of the outside world.  If the house is safe and intact, the lives of the dwellers will be secure and peaceful.  Today, the changes in the social order and technological advancements are making houses stronger, but homes fragile. People and cultures not supposed to enter the inviolate sanctum of the home are breaching their way inside through mass media and social media.

The presence of at least one person who has committed the entire Quran to memory, will indeed be a profound blessing to the house, a catalyst who can transform the house. Interestingly, the word ‘hafiz’ also means, ‘the protector,’ therefore it also means, that there should be at least one protector in the house. What protection be greater than the Quran. Maulana AliSA said, “The evils of Duniya are warded off from the one who listens to al Quran.” In another place he said, “The evils of Duniya and Akherat are warded off from the one who recites al Quran.” Therefore, hifz al Quran al Kareem, the memorisation of the entire Quran, not only bestows upon a mumin the eternal treasures of divine ilm and barakaat, but also safeguards his body, soul and mind, his faith and belief, his character and values. It provides his intuition with the light of wahye, thereby protecting him from going astray.

It is proven that memorisation is represented in the brain by the formation of a connection between two neurons. Repetition of what is memorised leads to the strengthening of these connections. The more a person repeats, practices and recalls the stronger the connection becomes. As one ayat after another is memorised, a huge network of illuminated neurons is formed and ultimately it leads to the alteration of the physical structure of the brain itself. It is a basic scientific fact that the sense organs only sense; it is the brain that perceives and interprets the stimuli. With the physical structure of the brain altered with the light of al Quran the perception of the person who has committed the al Quran to memory becomes distinct and superior.

RasullahSAW said, “Al-Quran is noor (light).” So, like a single candle that can illuminate the entire room and a single vial of itr that can diffuse its fragrance, a single hafiz in the house can make the entire house filled with noor and barakat.  And if there is more than one hafiz in the house then indeed it becomes, noor upon noor (light upon light).  May Allah grant our Maula a long and healthy life till the day of Qayamat.