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Azheru an Nauha wal Aweel

When Moulana Imam Husain SA was born, Allah Taʿala sent Jibraeel towards Rasulullah SAW offering him both tahniyat (felicitations) and taaziyat (condolences). When Jibraeel conveyed both together, Rasulullah SAW was bewildered. He questioned Jibraeel over the reason behind such an offering on such a glorious and happy occasion. Jibraeel asked RasulullahSAW to check the newborn’s neck; upon which RasulullahSAW found a red line running on its back. Jibraeel explained that this line was the sign of ‘shahaadat’, the precise point where the sword of the enemy would be placed. Upon hearing this, tears flowed from the eyes of Rasulullah SAW with Maulana Ali SA and Maulatona Fatema SA also joining him in this expression of grief. Maulatona Fatema SA wept inconsolably upon learning that her beloved son Imam Husain SA would be slain upon the scorching desert sands, devoid of any help and succour, alone amidst thousands of enemies and that his body would lay uninterred for days, trampled upon by the hoofs of enemy horses and poked by their spears. Maulatona Fatema SA anxiously asked RasulullahSAW as to who would cry and grieve for her son. RasulullahSAW consoled her by saying that a time would come when his believers would grieve over the martyrdom of Imam Husain AS and perform maatam every year. “Indeed we are those Mumineen”, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA would exclaim.

Recent in memory is the persona of al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA aloft the imaami takht; his visage plunged in grief, tears streaming from his eyes, a loud “aah” emitting from his lips reverberating across the entire congregation and echoing in the hearts of Mumineen. No majlis, no bayan would be complete without the recitation of Imam Husain’s SA shahaadat. His countless recitations have ensured that this zikr has become ingrained in the hearts and minds of every mumin and has infused in them the intense gham of Imam Husain SA, like a fresh wound, that pains even at the faintest recall of Imam Husain’s SA name. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s RAaah” would stir up such great sorrow and grief that it would erupt through the loud cries of wailing on Imam Husain SA.


Today, his successor, al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS is the 53rd al-Dai al-Mutlaq in the succession of Doat Mutlaqeen RA who are aided by the barakaat of Syedna al-Moaiyyad al-Shirazi RA, the baab al-abwaab of Imam Mustansir be Allah SA. Syedna Moaiyyad RA recited 800 majaalis replete with knowledge and wisdom. In these majaalis he exhorted Mumineen to openly express grief and lamentation on Imam HusainSA. Every day during Asharah Mubarakah, passages from his majaalis are recited which intensify the grief and sorrow on Imam Husain SA which manifests itself in unrestrained wailing and maatam.


Islam and Imaan have survived till today and will continue to do so because of Imam Husain’sSA shahaadat. A mumin’s identity is preserved because of his du´aa’ mubarak. Imam Husain’ SA munificence is as great as his suffering. It does not behove a mumin to ever remain impassive while Imam Husain’s SA shahaadat is being recited, irrespective of the narrator.


It is human to cry out in pain; and to cry loudly on the pain felt for Imam Husain’s SA suffering is the pinnacle of humanity. In some instances, it is this action of wailing loudly which in turn creates pain and grief in heart and thus causes tears to flow. This is what thousands of Mumineen are experiencing these days when conducting majaalis of maatam in their households as a preparation for the all-important days of Asharah Mubarakah towards which Syedna al-Dai al-Ajal TUS has been calling us earnestly and consistently.


As Maula TUS desires, the dawn of Asharah Mubarakah, 1438 H will be unique. Not only will every mumin be present during waaz mubarak before time and from the first day, but he will also be coming with his heart set upon performing bukaa’ and maatam with an unprecedented fervor; so that even the slightest mention of the hardships borne by Imam Husain’s SA will invoke such grief and lament that he will wail in response. The reward for bukaa’ on Imam Husain SA will not only be the khushi mubarak of Dai al-Zaman TUS but also the fulfillment of Rasulullah’s SAW expectations in us and a source of solace for Maulatena Fatema SA.


May Allah grant the Dai of Panjatan, Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS a long and healthy life.