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Labbaik ya Dai al-Allah

Moulana Imam Husain’s AS zikr is perennial. Though the shahadat occurred fourteen centuries ago, it was known since the beginning of time. Each prophet had visited Karbala, mourned Imam Husain SA and cursed his slayer. Maulana Ali AS, while returning from the battle of Siffeen, stopped at Karbala and mourned Imam Husain SA. Maulana Ali SA pointed out the place where Imam Husain AS would be martyred. A man who was present there buried a bone to mark that spot. After Imam Husain´s SA shahadat, he went to Karabala and saw that Imam Husain´s jism  mubarak  was lying at the very place where he had buried the bone.

Imam Husain´s SA matam will be even greater on the day of Qiyaamat, when Maulatana Fatema SA, beholding the sight of Imam Husain’s AS body without his head, will utter a desperate cry and all those present will be engrossed in Imam Husain’s SA matam. The wheels of time stop at Karbala making the entire universe pause and plunge into grief. The zikr of Imam Husain AS is timeless. The past, present and the future revolve around it. That’s why even today those who mourn and perform matam on the days of Ashara Mubarakah with Imam Husain’s AS Dai are also blessed with the sawab of attaining shahadat with Imam Husain SA.

Today, the name of Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA echoes along with the name of Imam HusainSA. It is due to his efforts that every mumin mourns and performs matam on Imam Husain SA; even little children have the shahadat etched in their hearts. The supreme sacrifice of Imam Husain SA was for the cause of Islam and Imaan and for the salvation of all mumineen who will come till the end of time. No mumin will ever forget Imam HusainSA or the events of Karbala.

When Imam Husain SA set out from Makkah Mukarramah on his final journey to Kufa, from where he had received innumerable missives imploring him to come and rescue the people from the tyrannical rule of Yazid, hundreds had accompanied him. However along the way, many left when they realised that Imam Husain’s SA campaign was not for any conquest. By the time Imam Husain’s SA horse halted at the predestined land of Karbala on the 2nd of Moharram al-Haram only the faithful 72 remained for whom the privilege of shahadat was preordained. On the eve of Ashura, when Imam Husain AS granted permission to his ahle bait and ashaab to leave under the cover of darkness, it only strengthened their adherence and resolve to sacrifice themselves for him.  Today the least a mumin can do is weep and lament by remembering and recalling the events of Karbala. Imam Husain’s AS Dai, the 53rd al-Dai al-Mutlaq, Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS continues to call Mumineen to strengthen their resolve and adherence to Islam and Imaan by attending the majalis of Ashara mubarakah.

Ashara Mubarakah starts from the 2nd of Moharram and culminates on Aashura, when the entire day is spent in bukaa’ and matam on Imam Husain SA. During the preceding eight days, along with Imam Husain’s SA zikr, discourses are delivered that expound the tenets of Islam and Imaan, detail the virtues of Khamsat Athaar, Aimmat Tahereen and Doat Mutlaqeen; speak about the lofty values that Imam Husain SA didn’t compromise even in the face of the most atrocious cruelties and elucidate about the faith for which the Imam SA sacrificed his life. Attending waaz only on the day of Ashura, while foregoing the preceding days, results in one failing to understand Imam Husain’sSA unparalleled position in the eyes of Allah Ta´ala and his generosity on Mumineen, leads to a lesser degree of attachment towards Imam HusainSA and therefore a reduced involvement in bukaa’ and matam: the two things that guarantee a Mumin his deliverance.

On the other hand, attending the majlis only on a few later days or coming in late reveals a lack of seriousness and commitment and giving preference to other mundane worldly matters over what should be the pivot of a mumin’s life in this world and hereafter. Time is the most precious thing in life, because time lost is never regained. A wise person is one who does the right thing  at the right time. A Mumin will realise that the nine days of Asharah offer him an opportunity like no other to renew his faith, revitalise his soul, rewrite his destiny, receive showers of  heavenly blessings, be counted amongst the angels and above all earn the dua  mubarak and happiness of his Maula.

No one knows better than Maula what is best for a Mumin. Therefore answering his call to attend the majaalis on time from day one is imperative on all of us. Attending these majaalis during these days is the most appropriate thing to do for the present. It also secures forgiveness for past sins and ensures a future filled with barakaat. Ultimately time becomes secured for a mumin and his existence becomes timeless. May Allah grant our Maula, Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS a long life till the day of Qiyaamat.