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Chapter on Medicine

“What a piece of work is man,” says Hamlet. Indeed a human being is an impressive creature made up of bones and brains, intestines and arteries, senses and sensitivity. One rusty bone, a lose stomach, or a small cut can mess up the functioning of the body. And that is when you knock at the doctor’s clinic…

The Daaim ul Islam devotes a chapter to health care and medicine. The chapter begins by stating a precondition– without which there can be no hope for cure. Cure is based on faith, faith on the doctor and his prescriptions. Only those who have faith shall be healed, not those who consume medicine on doubt. In scientific research the placebo –consumption of an empty pill by a control group–demonstrates how belief is vital to cure.

The ruler of Medina complained of stomachache to Imam SadiqAS. The ImamAS related that RasulullahSA had instructed a patient to take an odd number of shauniz (kilongi) seeds with some honey for stomachache. “Consume this and you will be cured by the will of Allah,” RasulullahSA explained and indeed the man was cured. The ImamAS asked the man to follow the same prescription. One of the men present began to object: “We have tried this out but with no effect.” Imam SadiqAS, angered, said: Allah will help only those who believe in Allah and his Rasul and have faith in his prescriptions. The man bowed his head in shame.

The chapter on medicine in Daaim ul Islam specializes in the field of mystical/spiritual medicine-a medicine powerful enough to combat the deadliest of diseases. Dua is one such medicine—it can cure every disease, it can even ward off death.

Sadaqa—giving alms to the poor—is another powerful remedy. He who performs sadaqa at the break of day, shall be protected from the calamities of the day. The ImamAS says: do not underestimate the prayers of the poor—their dua may not be fulfilled when they pray for themselves but is indeed fulfilled when they pray for you.

If you are in anguish place your hand on your masallah where you perform sajda and then move your hand around your face—starting from the left side and recite this dua three times:

بسم الله الذي لااله الاهو عالم الغيب والشهادة هوالرحمن الرحيم اللهم اذهب عني الهم والحزن والفتن كلها ما ظهر منها وما بطن

An entire subchapter is devoted to Taweez and ruqa. MaulaTUS gives taweez for protection, for marriage, for children etc.

Syedna Qadin Noaman then moves on to other remedial tips. Dinner is a must, he who sleeps on an empty stomach speeds up the ageing process of his body.

A person complained of pain in the waist or lower back. Imam SadiqAS asked the man to eat the leftovers from the thaal. He was cured. When you travel, eat the raw onions of the place you visit and you shall be protected from plague.

Follow these simple tips given by the AwliyaullahAS and keep your aches and pains at bay!