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Daaim al Islam 2: Chapter on Dahaya and Aqiqa

Once RasulullahSA asked FatemaSA to witness zabihat. He said to her: The first drop of blood is an absolution from all sins. On the day of Qayamat, the skin, hair meat and fur of the animal will be placed in your meezan (scale) and Allah will multiply this for you.

Imam Ali Zain ul ‘AbedeenSA distributed meat of zabihat into three portions: one for the neighbors, one for beggars and the third he kept aside for his Ahl ul Bayt.

Aqiqa-in Arabic-literally means the hair that the child is born with. Aqiqa is obligatory for every newborn; it is performed either on the 7th, 14th or 21st day from birth. If the parents of the child fail to perform aqiqa, then the child must do it himself/herself after bulugh.

RasulullahSA performed the aqiqa of Imam HusainSA on the 7th day. He then instructed Maulatuna FatemaSA to give away sadaqa of gold or silver according to the weight of his hair, which amounted to one and a half dirhams.