Daaim al Islam: Chapter on Hunting

Islam has proffered rules for every kind of human activity. The concept of halal and haram form the basis of Islamic code. It is these very rules that distinguish man from other animals. Even hunting has its own set of rules, as taught by Syedna al Qadi No’man in the chapter on hunting in the Daaim ul Islam.

  • RasulullahSA┬ásays: A bird in its nest is in the protection of Allah. Hunt it if you will when it leaves its shelter.
  • The prey is for the one who gets to it first.
  • It is forbidden to hunt while in ehraam.
  • It is permitted to eat prey hunted by trained dogs or trained birds such as vultures.
  • Prey killed by sword or bow can be eaten if the hunter has recited Bismillah at the time of the kill.
  • If prey is hunted by stone or gun, it may not be eaten unless zabihat is performed before the animal dies.

Animals caught in nets can be eaten if caught alive but only after performing zabihat.

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