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Daaim al Islam: Chapter on Wirasat

The Quran has distributed the shares of wirasat among the inheritors. The son’s share is twice that of the daughter. If there is only one son he will receive the full inheritance; if there is more than one it will be divided equally among them. The daughter’s share is a half, and if there are two daughters each will receive one-third. The father and mother are entitled to one-third each if there are no children and one-sixth if there are. The Daaim ul Islam teaches how to distribute wealth among the different combinations of inheritors, and offers solutions for typical disputes.

There are two types of shares: one that is the assigned inheritance share called the “miraath” and the other share called the “rahim” which will be distributed to the closest kin from what is left. If there is one daughter she will inherit half the wealth according to her assigned share, and the other half will come to her as she is the closest of kin. Maulatuna FatemaSA was entitled to the full inheritance of RasulullahSA, but the enemies refused to give her her share through rahim. They refused to give her Fadak. Moreover, they refused Aimmat FatemeyeenSA their inheritance of the khilafat claiming that they were not the rightful heirs because they were the progeny of Rasulullah (SAW) through the daughter, when the Quran explicitly states that “walad” includes all children including sons and daughters.