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Daaim al Islam: Haj

Haj is the 6th pillar of Islam, it is obligatory once in a lifetime for those who have the means and the money. The hajj un nafs must be performed from one’s own money or from a gifted amount.There are three types of Haj; the one that mumineen perform mostly is hajj e tamatto, in which the umrah is coupled with the haj; between the two the haji remains in a state similar to ehraam. There are several manasik of haj, like Mina, Arafah, Muzdalefa, the details of each is given in the chapters of Daaim ul Islam. It is necessary to whole heartedly perform the arkaan of haj, and to abstain from doing things that are forbidden in the state of ehraam such as covering the head, donning colored clothes, wearing perfume etc.

Haj is categorized into three kinds according to the niyyat of the performer: in the first Allah protects the wealth and family of the haji but that is all, in the second the past sins of the haji are forgiven, and in the third the mumin is absolved of all sins.