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Daaim al Islam: Iman

How does one define Iman? How is it different from Islam? Syedna Qadi al Numan has explained this in the introductory pages of Daaim al Islam using a simple geometric analogy. Two concentric circles: a small circle within a larger one. Although the inner circle Iman is very much a part of the outer circle of Islam, the opposite is not true. A Mumin is necessarily a Muslim, but a Muslim may not be a Mumin. 

Islam decrees the codes of living, but Iman is all about faith and belief: it is a matter of the heart. Iman comprises of three aspects: Qaul, Niyyat and Amal. An intention by the mind, an assertion by mouth and deeds by the body. When Iman saturates the soul, it is manifested in each and every part of the body.