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Daaim al Islam: Jihad

RasulullahSA revealed the message of Allah, therefore it became incumbent upon him to fight all those who defied him, explains Syedna Qadi n No’manRA in his chapter on jihad. The first type of jihad is by the sword, however it is not justified without Imam ul adl. The second type is by the tongue: debating with the enemy and demonstrating the legitimacy of Islam is very much a part of Jihad. The third kind is that of the heart: Bara’at with the enemy is obligatory at all times.

Jihad is the pinnacle of Islam. There is a virtue higher than every other, until a mumin is martyred for the cause of Islam. RasulullahSA says: the most generous of all is he who sacrifices himself for Islam; the most miserly is he who will not greet people with even a salaam.

The last few sections of this chapter are devoted to the attributes of a good commander and the statutes of war. A part also deals with the classification of society into five categories: the army, civil servants, tax-payers, businessmen and the destitute; and discusses the interdependence between the various levels.