Daaim al Islam: Walaayat

The heart is the most vital organ of the human body. Its function is Walaayat. By deduction, then, Walayat is the heart, the core, the most vital of the seven daaim of Islam. Without Walayat no other pillar can stand, without Walayat no other deed is accepted. The first section of the treatise, Daaim al Islam, written by Syedna Qadi al Numan (RA), the Chief Justice of the Fatemi state, expounds on the significance of Walayat.

Walayat, denotes pure devotion and loyalty, submission to the chosen one, the Prophet, the Imam and the Dai al Mutlaq. To perform the khidmat of these maratib and to follow their guidance and governance in all matters, temporal and spiritual.

The governance of Awliaullah (AS), then, is a governance of body and soul, for their authority is divine. One Imam succeeds another Imam, one Dai succeeds another Dai by the process of divine election manifested by nass (designation). Fealty and allegiance by heart, mouth and body to these Awliullah (AS) is the main article of Walayat.

Walayat is the beginning, Walayat is the conclusion 
Because of it flutters the pennant of religion
Verses of the Quran abound in its significance
Because of it stand the other Daaim
And because of it Allah’s graces are abundant

 From a nasihat by Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) 

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