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Daaim al Islam: Zakaat

Zakaat, the fourth pillar of Islam, seems the most difficult, the most challenging in that it is a test of sincerity, a test of conviction. Its benefits are felt in this world; its rewards are reserved for the hereafter. The Quran says, “Verily, triumphant is he who gives zakaat”. RasulullahSA has said, “Giving zakaat wards off evil from a man’s wealth”. “Any capital from which zakaat has been given will never suffer a loss”. “Giving zakaat does not decrease a man’s wealth; just as refraining from giving zakaat does not add to his wealth”. A law which modern economics will never comprehend! Amir ul mumineenAS says, “When Allah wishes to reward a mumin, he sends an angel to stroke his chest, so that he becomes generous enough to offer zakaat.” 

The Quran commands RasulullahSA: “Take zakaat from their wealth to cleanse and purify them. Pray for them, for your dua is their solace”. This command is directed towards RasulullahSA and his progeny, the Imam, and the Dai al Mutlaq during the period of satar. Giving charity to the needy does not constitute zakaat; zakaat is the right of AwliyaullahAS. When Aqa MaulaTUS receives waajebaat from mumineen he showers them with pearls of dua mubarak: “May Allah bestow upon you plenty of barakaat. May your wealth multiply.” The effect of this dua mubarak is evident in the financial prosperity of mumineen today.