Ikhwan us Safa – Geography

Geography is one of the noble disciplines. Knowledge of the earth and how it floats in the center of the universe is important since our bodies are made up of earth, nourished from it and it is to earth that they will finally return. The earth which is round, is a living unit much like an animal with its different organs working all together.

There are several explanations of how the earth stands. First, there are magnetic forces that pull the earth equally from all directions. Another explanation is that according to particle weight, earth is below water which is below air. The other explanation and the one that is closest to the truth is that nature has provided each planet its most suitable place in the universe, the most appropriate place for the earth being at the centre.

The Risalat discusses in detail about the earth being divided by latitude into seven jazira, time zones, and imaginary lines such as the equator. It also describes oceans, the mountains and other geographical features.

Every person should strive to learn about the earth and the universe, which will lead to the affirmation of their creator; he who does not is a person invited to a kingdom full of beautiful architecture and fascinating sights, but who fails to appreciate these, instead spends the night in eating and drinking and then returns home in the morning without knowing from which door he entered or exited the palace.

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