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Kitab al Gasb wat taaddi

RasulullahSA said in his khutba on the day of Ghadeer, “Which is the worthiest place on this earth?” The people replied that this place, Ghadeer e Khum was indeed the worthiest. He then asked, “Which month is the worthiest?” They replied it was this month, the month of Zilhijjat ul Haram. He asked, “Which day is the worthiest among days?” They replied it was this day Yaume Ghadeer. RasullulahSA explained, “The hurmat (worthiness) of your blood and belongings is like the hurmat of this day in this month in this place!”

Amanat (entrustments) should be returned to all people, good and bad. Imam Jaffer us SadiqSA has said, “Return the amanat even if it is to the qatil of Imam HusainSA.”

If a person misappropriates the belongings of another and uses it, he must bear any loss incurred, while the profit is for the owner.