Ayyub Nabi AS

Ayyub NabiAS was a descendant of Ibrahim NabiAS. He had many children and led a prosperous and contented life. He possessed vast farms, enormous wealth, cattle and valuable property. However, none of these things made him arrogant. On the contrary his wealth was a medium through which he sought Allah’s grace, continuously praising and thanking Allah for his bounties.

The enemy of Allah – Satan could not bear this. It angered him that worldly possessions failed to lure Ayyub Nabi away from piety and devoutness. He sought to deprive Ayyub Nabi AS of all his belongings, destroy his properties and kill all his children so that Ayyub Nabi would be compelled to complain to Allah of his sufferings, which would lessen his faith in Him.

However, Ayyub NabiAS was a model of humility and faith. He suffered a number of calamities but did not utter a word of complaint. His farm was attacked by thieves who killed many of his servants and stole all his cattle but Ayyub NabiAS continued to thank Allah. His house collapsed, crushing many members of his family, but Ayyub NabiAS remained steadfast to his faith and prostrated before the Almighty in humility and gratitude.

This trial of endurance continued with AyyubAS being inflicted with a horrible skin disease. He developed sores all over his body, with maggots eating his rotting flesh. It is narrated that he picked up those maggots which fell from his abscess and put them back saying “eat from what Allah has made to be your food.” He was abandoned by all because of his terrible state; nobody went near him, except his faithful wife. Ayyub NabiAS in turn complained to no one, praying to Allah, as quoted in al-Quran al-Kareem:

“Truly adversity has afflicted me and You (Allah) are Most Merciful of all who show mercy.” (21: 83)

Finally, Allah accepted his prayer and returned all that he had lost. Even his dead children and cattle were brought back to life. On Allah’s command, Ayyub NabiAS struck the earth with his foot releasing a gushing spring. He bathed in its water which cured him from the dreadful disease. Ayyub NabiAS regained his health, wealth and prosperity. He knelt and prayed expressing a deep sense of gratitude to Allah.

AllahTA affirms in al-Quran:

“Then We heard his prayer and removed that adversity from which he suffered, and We gave him his household and the like thereof along with them, a mercy from Our store and remembrance for the worshippers.” (21: 84)

The account of Ayyub NabiAS is an elaborate example that illustrates that those who are patient and forbearing under all circumstances, are never deprived of reward. Allah tests those He loves most with the most difficult of trials

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