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Ibrahim Nabi AS – Sarrah

IbrahimAS was the first Nabi who raised the Arkan (four corners) of Kaaba, erected its walls, and summoned the people towards it.
After the fire episode IbrahimAS became more popular and this made the King of Babylon – Nimrood, feel insecure of his throne and position. Thus he challenged Ibrahim that he – Nimrood was God.

Ibrahim NabiAS argued: “My Lord is He Who gives life and death,” to which the king haughtily retorted: “I give life and death. I can bring a person from the street and have him executed, and I can grant my pardon to a person who was sentenced to death and save his life.” Ibrahim deftly replied: “Well my Lord Allah makes the sun rise from the East. Can you make it rise from the West?

The king was confounded. He was beaten at his own game, on his own territory, in front of his own people!

Ibrahim decided to emigrate with his followers – a total of three hundred and thirty men – to Syria. They traveled continuously until they reached the city of Haran. The king of Haran was a learned man and had an intelligent, knowledgeable daughter named Sarrah, who had gained a little righteous knowledge. Sarrah had decided that she would only marry the person in whom she would find the righteous characteristics she had learnt about. The king agreed to his daughter’s condition and made her such a place from where she could see every one who entered the house but no one could see her.

When Sarrah saw in the stars that the awaited moment had come, she had a large feast organized in her house in which each and everyone from her city was invited. Sarrah could see each person from where she sat but she herself remained unseen. When not a single native was left, she had the guests and strangers invited to the feast.

Sarrah had prepared a large crown embedded with pearls and jewels, which she had decided to place on the head of the man she sought.

When Ibrahim and his followers entered the city of Haraan, they were taken to this feast and were seated in their thaals. When Sarrah saw Ibrahim she was determined that he was the man she awaited, thus she sent a maid with the crown towards Ibrahim.

As soon as the maid put the crown on Ibrahim’s head, he was carried to the king. The king asked Ibrahim about his native place and where he was headed. On hearing Ibrahim’s reply the king was satisfied that Ibrahim was indeed the awaited person. The king explained to Ibrahim his daughter’s decision and offered her as his wife.

Ibrahim married Sarrah and stayed with her for a few days and took Sarrah and her father – the king in his be’at (oath). Ibrahim left with Sarrah and his followers – mumineen, and left the king behind to call his people towards the Dawat of Ibrahim.