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Maulana Abdullah bin Maulana ´Abdul-Muttalib AS

Maulana Abdullah is the revered father of Nabi Mohammed SA. His father Maulana ´Abdul-Muttalib AS vowed to offer him, his tenth son, as a tribute to Allah Ta´ala in gratitude for the excavation of the Zamzam, just as Ibrahim Nabi AS was conveyed in a dream to offer his son Maulana Ismail AS. Instead, he sacrificed 100 camels just as Ibrahim Nabi AS sacrificed a sheep. Maulana Abdullah AS was Maulana Abdul-Muttalib’s most eminent, honorable and noble son.


Rasulullah SA said, “I have descended from honorable backbones to chastened wombs.” This is an honor that Rasulullah SA described for himself and a source of pride for his forefathers. They were not those who denied Allah or his divinity, nor did they disprove prophet-hood. In fact, they upheld the sharia of Ibrahim Nabi AS and by virtue of their noble character, kindness and renouncement of sins were of such standing that their preeminence cannot be refuted nor denied.


Maulana Abdullah was raised on noble character, sovereignty and integrity. He was beautiful and stately; the illumination of prophet-hood shone clearly and brightly on his forehead due to the impending birth of Rasulullah SA. A woman, the sister of Waraqah bin Nawfal, noticed the radiance of Maulana Abdullah AS. Waraqah bin Nawfal was eagerly awaiting and foretelling the coming of Rasulullah SA based on the signs he recognized from the books he had read of past prophets. His sister learned of these glad tidings from him, and recognized them in Maulana Abdullah AS convincing her that Rasulullah SA was to be the son of Maulana Abdullah AS. She proposed to Maulana Abdullah, however, he refused.

It is said, that this woman was in fact an astrologer of the Banu Khath’am tribe named Fatema binte Murrah from Tabalah in present-day Saudi Arabia. She had studied various texts and possessed great knowledge. When she her eyes fell upon the radiant countenance of Maulana Abdullah AS, she sought him and even sent 100 camels as a gift. Maulana Abdullah responded in lyrical form:


“In the case of Haram, death is before it,

and Halal does not come in that which you pursue,

So what of that which you seek.”


Once after Maulana Abdullah’s noble wife Maulatona Amenah AS conceived, he once more passed by this woman, however, she did not approach him. He inquired over her silence, to which she replied, “I am not a questionable woman, but I had seen in your face the glow of prophet-hood, and I have been informed that a prophet is to be born and his birth has neared. So, I desired to give birth to that prophet, but now I see that the glow has faded from you, so tell me what has happened?” Maulana Abdullah AS then informed her.


Allah Ta´ala protected Maulana Abdullah AS just as He protected Yusuf Nabi AS; and He ensured that His noor reach its rightful and pure place. Maulana Abdullah AS passed away in Medina Munawwarah when Rasulullah SA was two months old.