Moulana Abdemanaf AS

After having narrated the seerat of select Prophets, this section now moves on to the zikr of Rasulullah SA. Prior to this zikr, a narration of the seerat of Rasulullah’s SA forefathers will be presented. The first of them is Moulana Abdemanaf AS, the great- grandfather of Rasulullah SA, and it is with the narration of his seerat that Syedna al-Qadi Noman RA has commenced his work ‘Kitaab al-Manaaqib wa al-Mathaalib’.

Moulana Abdemanaf’s AS name was Mugheerah. People addressed him as ‘qamar’ (moon) in appreciation of his radiance and as ‘syed’ (leader) in acknowledgement of his honour and nobility.

It is said that a stone was found near Hijr Ismail in Masjid al-Haraam with the following inscribed upon it: ‘I am Mugheerah bin Qusai, I call towards the taqwaa of Allah and towards showing kindness towards your kin’. Though given the name Mugheerah, he was known as Abdemanaf. Abdemanaaf bin Qusai bin Kilaab bin Murrah bin Kaab bin Luvai bin Ghaalib bin Fehar bin Maalik bin al-Nadr bin Kinaanah bin Khuzaimah bin Mudreka bin Ilyas bin Muder bin Nizaar bin M´aad bin Adnan. His mother was Hubbaa binte Hulail bin Hubshia bin Salul bin K´ab bin ´Amr bin Rabee´aah bin Haarithah bin ´Amr bin Aamir ibne Khuzaa´ah.

Moulana Abdemanaaf was endowed with the Honor of Siqayat – providing water to those who came to Makkah Mukarramah for Hajj, and Nadwat – presiding over the congregations in Dar al-Nadwat (a place where members of Quresh would congregate to discuss important matters pertaining to them).

His respected father was Moulana Qusai bin Kilaab. Moulana Qusai’s father, Moulana Kilaab passed away when Moulana Qusai was very young. His mother Fatema binte Saad bin Sael then married Rabeeah bin Hizaam and settled with his tribe Bani Uzrah. Fatema took Moulana Qusai with her and left his elder brother Zohrah behind in Makkah. Moulana Qusai’s name was Zaid, but then Fatema named him Qusai, meaning the one who has been distanced from his home.

Moulana Qusai’s rearing took place in the lap of Rabeeah. He associated himself with him, and viewed him as his father. However, one day when older he happened to become involved in an argument with some members of the tribe. One of them told him “Return to your tribe, you are not one of us”. He asked them “Who am I then?” ‘Ask your mother, she will tell you”, was their reply. He approached his mother and narrated the incident, to which she replied “Your soul, father and genealogy are far more honourable than theirs. You are the son of Kilaab bin Murrah. Your people are the People of Allah in His haram and by his House. Upon hearing this Moulana Qusai did not want to be anywhere but Makkah and yearned to return to it. His revered mother, however, advised him to wait and travel to Makkah with those proceeding for Haj from the Banu Qudaah tribe. Upon reaching Makkah, Moulana Qusai’s upbringing took place upon the firm foundation of honour, nobility and good character.

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