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Sulaiman Nabi AS and his passing away

Sulaiman NabiAS led a glorious life, full of blessings and bounties from Allah Ta´ala. He prayed to Allah Ta´ala to grant him a kingdom that would not befit anyone but him.

The incident of his demise, as narrated in al-Quran al-Kareem, is imbibed with meaning and hikmah. Allah Ta´ala narrates that death came to Sulaiman NabiAS whilst he was standing with the support of his staff and overseeing a task being carried out by Jinn.The Jinn continued working, unaware of this occurence, until the day some insects ate through the staff causing Sulaiman NabiAS to fall upon the ground.

Yunus NabiAS

After Sulaiman NabiAS came several Anbiyaa’ Kiraam who called their people towards Allah Ta´ala. Yunus NabiAS is one of these Anbiyaa’ Kiram as mentioned in al-Quran al-Kareem.

Yunus NabiAS established his Dawat amongst the believers, when dissidents began spreading their evil and lead people astray. Yunus NabiAS strived to convince them and bring them back into the fold but they disregarded his words. This angered him due to which he left his people and journeyed to another place. Allah Ta´ala tests his beloved subjects through such trials and tribulations and expects them to be patient and have trust in Him. However, Yunus NabiAS assumed that the enemy would overpower him and thus he left without awaiting further instruction from Allah Ta´ala.

He proceeded towards the sea and took a boat. However, the boat was caught in a storm. The sailors proclaimed that this adversity was caused by the sins of one of those onboard. Lots were taken and the name of Yunus NabiAS was drawn.

Yunus NabiAS was forced to jump into the sea for the safety of the boat. When he fell into the water, a great whale drew him in. In this state of extreme distress, he realized that he had to suffer the consequences of neglecting his duty. Instead of going away he should have relied upon the power of Allah Ta´ala, even in the most disheartening of circumstances.

Yunus NabiAS felt penitence and supplicated to Allah Ta´ala with utmost humility. He stayed in the stomach of the whale for three days. Finally his repentance was accepted and the whale placed him ashore. He was provided shelter by a gourd plant and Allah Ta´ala sent a thousand believers who would follow him.