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Sulaiman Nabi AS

Sulaiman Nabi ASwas the son and successor of Dawood Nabi AS. Allah Ta´ala mentions both of them in al-Quran:

“And We verily gave knowledge to Dawood and Sulaiman and they said: praise be to Allah Who has preferred us above many of his believing sons”. (27: I5)

Sulaiman NabiAS was endowed with the quality of giving sound and just decisions in complicated cases. One day, a farmer and a shepherd came to Dawood NabiAS with a dispute. The shepherd’s sheep had damaged the farmer’s crop. Sulaiman Nabi AS, who was present at that moment, gave the verdict that the farmer should make a fence to protect his crop in the daytime whilst the shepherd should look after his sheep during the night. Therefore, if the sheep damaged the crop during the day, it would be the farmer’s fault, but if it was damaged during the night, the shepherd was liable.

This incident is mentioned in al-Quran:

“And Dawood and Sulaiman when they gave judgment, concerning the field, when people’s sheep had strayed and browsed therein by night; and We were witnesses to their judgement. And We made Sulaiman to understand (the case); and unto each of them We gave judgement and knowledge.” (21: 78, 79)

Sulaiman NabiAS inherited many virtues from his illustrious father. He was gifted with great qualities. Wind was made subservient to him so that he could easily undertake long journeys in the blink of an eye. The Holy Quran affirms:

“So We subjected the wind to his power, setting fair by his command withersoever he intended” (38:36)

“And unto Sulaiman We subdued the wind in its raging. It flows by his order towards the land which We had blessed, And of every thing We are aware.” (21:81)