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The Miraculous Birth of Rasulullah: Maulana Mohammad bin Maulana Abdullah SA

The following is taken from a series of narrations of the auspicious birth of Rasulullah SA, the founder of Islam. This grand historical event brought with it a series of phenomena which paid homage to Rasulullah’s SA lofty temporal and spiritual status, making known both his unparalleled position as the receiver of divine inspiration and his future role in establishing Islam.

Rasulullah’s SA birth was prophesied in numerous texts as well as by multiple individuals that were guided by divine symbols or those bestowed with clairvoyance. These historical accounts teach us that his birth was truly highly anticipated, an event of universal importance.

Upon Rasulullah’s SA respected father Maulana Abdullah’s AS birth his forehead illuminated with a glowing countenance that paralleled that of the sun’s rays. As Maulana Abdulmuttalib AS, present at the time, witnessed the unfolding events he recognized that this spectacular physical feat is a symbol of divine sanction. He declared, “Indeed this is a lofty status.”  He then recounted his dream in which he saw a white bird come out of from Maulana Abdullah’s naris and reach the East and West, finally returning and landing upon the roof of the Kaabah. All of Quraysh prostrated in awe of this spectacle. While Quraysh were contemplating the implications of what they saw, a light emerged from the sky, reached the Earth, and then spread to both the East and West.  When Maulana Abdulmuttalib AS awoke he narrated this dream of his to a soothsayer of Bani Makhzoum. The soothsayer replied that a child was to come from Maulana Abdullah’s progeny for whom people of both the East and West will become adherents.

In another narration, Maulatona Amenah AS, Rasulullah’s SA mother, recalls that she did not experience the typical physical changes that accompany pregnancy. Thus, she remained unaware of her own pregnant state until she had a dream in which her respected father informed her, “you will soon bear the noblest of all people.” As the time of Rasulullahs’ birth drew near, all pains eased upon her. Upon entering this world, Rasulullah SA immediately assumed a state of prostration. He then lifted his head towards the sky, a beam of light emerged from him that went on to illuminate the expanses of the world. Maulatona Amenah AS also witnessed meteors and stars animated in motion throughout the sky. People were frightened by this and assumed that the Day of Judgement had dawned. However, these and other physical spectacles were actually paying homage to Rasulullah’s SA auspicious birth. People gathered near Walid bin Mughirah, a prominent elder in the region. They exclaimed to him, “This is the hour of qiyaamat.” Walid replied, “Look at the stationary stars, if they have moved then the Day of Qiyaamat has come, but if they remain stationary then it is an indication of a grand event.” Maulatona Amenah AS recalls that she then heard a sound and voice similar to those of humans. She also saw a banner of green silk upon a post made of rubies raised between the earth and the heavens, with a light emanating from its peak to the sky. Additionally, she saw sand grouses (a type of bird) encircle her with its wings saying, “the astrologers and idols did not meet good from your great child”.

Soon after his birth, a man who Maulatona Amenah AS assumed was Maulana Abdulmuttalib, Rasulullah’s SA grandfather, came to him. From a small green silk purse, he removed what seemed to be a white pearl which he pressed upon Rasulullah SA. He then addressed him, “Your lord recited salam upon you and states that hellfire is prohibited upon the backbone from which you have transferred, the womb that bore you, and all those who will tend to your upbringing. You are the intercessor for your Ummah on the Day of Judgement.” He then took out a seal from a purse made from white silk, and pressed it between his shoulders. He continued, “My lord has ordered me to infuse you with the divine spirit.” He then softly blew on him and attired him. Next, he said, “This is your safety from the mires of this world.” He then made Rasulullah SA utter a few words which Maulatona Amenah AS did not comprehend. Finally, as he departed he prayed, “May you remain in Allah’s protection and safety. May Allah fill your heart with faith, forbearance, conviction and erudition”. He then added “You are the most noble of all beings. Blessedness is for he who follows you, and perdition is for he who fails to do so”.

When Maulana Abbas took Rasulullah SA into his hands he and gazed at him, he saw a light radiating from him and the fragrance of musk emanating from him. When he lifted the cloth he was wrapped in, he saw the seal of prophethood between Rasulullah’s SA shoulders.

Among the other miraculous physical wonders that occurred as a result of Rasulullah’s SA auspicious birth are the following:

  • Astrologers were no longer able to steal secrets from the heavens.
  • Idols in the vicinity of the Kaabah fell.
  • The fire worshipped by Zoroastrians went out.
  • Khosrow’s (Kisraa’s) palatial wall fractured.
  • Lake Saawa dried out.


Many more narrations of Rasulullah’s SA miraculous birth are found in numerous dawat texts. All pay testament to the lofty status of Rasulullah, and help us recognize that his life was a great blessing for all of mankind.