Yaqub NabiAS

Yusuf NabiAS grew up to be an exceptionally handsome young man. Allah narrates in Quran : “When he attained his adulthood Allah gave him authority and knowledge and thus do we reward those who do good” Allah further narrates that the lady of the house (the wife of Aziz e Misr) fell in love with Yusuf NabiAS. She tried to win his heart and one day she fastened the doors and tried to tempt him. Yusuf NabiAS deflected her unhesitatingly. Saying: Allah forbid!

Yusuf NabiAS turned away from her and headed for the door, the lady raced him to it and grabbed his shirt which caused it to tear from behind. They found her husband near the door and seeing him the lady exclaimed: “What is the (fitting) punishment for one who has evil intentions for your wife, but prison or a grievous chastisement?” Yusuf NabiAS defended himself truthfully saying that it was indeed the wife’s intention to lure him towards her. One of the members of the household who were present there said: “If it be that his shirt is rent from the front, then she is telling the truth and he is lying, but if it be that his shirt is torn from the back, then she is lying and he is telling the truth!”

When the shirt was found torn at the back and Yusuf NabiAS was proved innocent, the lady’s husband said: “indeed it is a snare by you women and what a great snare it is” He then apologised to Yusuf Nabi and requested him to pass it over! And scolded his wife and asked her to seek forgiveness for her sin, for undoubtedly she had done wrong.

Many people got wind of this incident. They spoke maliciously of the woman who had been deeply affected with love for Yusuf NabiAS.

When the king’s wife heard of their talk, she devised a special plan. She wished to show the people that it was very difficult to resist the charisma of Yusuf NabiAS. Thus she held a grand banquet and invited most of the women of the town. She gave a sharp knife to each one to peel the fruit. When the ladies were busy using the knives, the wife asked Yusuf NabiAS to enter the room. When the women saw the handsome youth, they were mesmerized by his beauty and absentmindedly cut their own hands along with the fruit. They exclaimed:

Allah forbid! This is not a mortal but a noble angel.” She said: “It is he about whom you blamed me, certainly I wished him to yield to my desires but he stayed firm.”

In his kitab-Asaas ut Taweel,Syedna al Qadi al nomanRA firmly states that this incident narrated in the Quran has significant meaning within it. It is not a literal description of events as most people believe.

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