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Yusuf NabiAS the Director of Stores

The cup bearer returned to the king and told him the interpretation of his dream in the presence of courtiers. They were surprised. The king was impressed and expressed a desire to see Yusuf NabiAS in person and issued an immediate order to release him from prison. But Yusuf Nabi refused to leave until his innocence was established. AllahTA narrates this incident in al-Quran:

And the king said: “Bring him to me.” But when the messenger came to him, Yusuf said: “Return to your lord and ask him, ‘What happened to the women who cut their hands? Surely, my Lord (Allah) is Well-Aware of their plot.'”

The King said (to the women): “What was the matter when you sought to seduce Yusuf?” The women replied: “Allah forbid! We know no evil against him!” The wife of Al-Aziz said: “Now the truth is manifest (to all), it was I who sought to seduce him, and he is surely of the truthful.”

When the innocence and nobility of Yusuf NabiAS was established before the king, he offered him an important position in his court. Yusuf NabiAS asked the king to appoint him as the Director of Stores (in charge of the affairs of the farm lands).

It is said that the Pharaoh of that era respected Yusuf NabiAS immensely and awarded him gold and jewels and also admitted that he was no way greater than Yusuf NabiAS except for his position.

Yusuf NabiAS grew more and more popular amongst the people of Egypt, because of his nobility, intelligence, honest and just administration. On the other hand in Palestine, his father – Yaqub NabiAS missed him terribly while his brothers who had aged remembered their misdeed and were ashamed of it. Palestine was in the grip of a dreadful famine. There was shortage of food. The family of Yaqub NabiAS was passing through difficult times. They heard that Egyptians had huge stocks of grain and that they sold it at reasonable rates. The sons of Yaqub NabiAS prepared a caravan and went to Egypt to purchase grain.

When they reached Egypt Yusuf NabiAS recognised his brothers immediately, but he did not disclose his own identity. He showed kindness and hospitality to them and furnished them with provisions at a fair price. Before their departure Yusuf NabiAS said: “Bring me a brother of yours from your father; (he meant Baniamin). See you not that I give full measure, and that I am the best of the hosts? But if you do not bring him to me, there shall be no measure (of corn) for you from me, nor shall you come near me.” The brothers promised Yusuf NabiAS that they would try their best to convince their father.

Yusuf Nabi (AS) then instructed his men to put his brothers’ stock-in-trade (with which they had bartered – it is said to be bags of silver) into their saddle-bags, so they would come back.

When the brothers returned home they told their father that the custodian of the food stores in Egypt had expressed a keen desire to see their younger brother. On hearing this Yaqub NabiAS became worried. He hesitated in allowing brother to accompany them; because of his previous bitter experience he had lost trust in them. The brothers however persevered, swearing a solemn oath in Allah’s name that they would bring back the brother of Yusuf NabiAS.

Now when the brothers opened their baggage, they found that their stock-in-trade had been returned to them. They exclaimed: “O our father! What more can we desire? Our stock-in-trade has been returned to us: so we shall get more food for our family; we shall take care of our brother; and at the same time add a full camel’s load of grain to our provisions.”

By the barakat of doing the tasbeeh of a part of this ayat 410 times, lost valuables are often retrieved:  هذه بضاعتنا ردت الينا