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التدبير نصف العيش

Rasulullah SA states:

التدبير نصف العيش

Planning is one half of life.

To live a fulfilling and content life one must plan and prepare. Speak to any successful person, and they will tell you that to achieve any goal – however big or small – a plan is required. The plan could be basic, pertaining to the day or the week ahead or a long term requiring much more strategy and thought.

Every Asharah Mubarakah, as Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA did, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS gives each one of us an immense opportunity to learn and understand the meaning of this hadeeth mubarak of Rasulullah SA.  Through a wealth of examples, Maulana TUS gives us goals to set for ourselves, and along with each goal guides us to a plan to attain hayaat tayebbah: a pure and content life.

This year, in one waaz mubarak, Maula TUS set a goal for mumineen of every profession and skill. He stated ‘whether you are a professional or a business man, be at the top of your field’. Maula TUS then outlined a plan for us to follow in order to achieve this goal. He advised us to ‘be thorough in what you do, work hard to achieve success and make sure you choose the path of halal. Do not, under any circumstances, resort to dishonesty or treachery.  It is the tadbeer of Awliyaullah AS to take you to the greatest of heights in both duniya and akherat.’

These words apply to every step of our lives. Aqa Maula TUS has provided us with guidelines for every aspect, whether it is our education or our business; our children’s upbringing or our family relations; our daily timetable or our monthly budget, as long as we adhere to the master plan Maula TUS has engineered, we are sure to achieve success.