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Ashara 1435 – 2nd Moharram

Ilm (knowledge) defines one’s worth; the greater the value of the knowledge the greater is the worth of the seeker. Maulana AliSA said, “Seeking knowledge is an act of Hasanat (good deed) and forsaking it is an act of Saiyyeat (bad deed). In these days of Ashara Mubarakah mumineen travel from all corners of the world to seek this eternal knowledge from its source, the Dai of Aale MohammedSA, Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinTUS. The Pearls of Wisdom one acquires in these Majalis not only make one richer in thoughts and deeds but also secure him salvation in the hereafter.

Bestowing pearls from the precious treasures of Ilm of Aale Mohammed, Aali Qadr MaulaTUS today narrated the importance of remaining adhered to MaulaTUS as it is the greatest hasanat. Mumineen’s adherence to their Maula is what causes agony to the enemy who schemes in different ways to loosen this adherence. But, as Allah says, if you observe Allah’s fear and practice forbearance then the enemy will never succeed in his schemes.

Maulana AbuzarRA feared Allah and not the threats of the enemies whose dissidence he had exposed in front of RasulullahSAW. His forthrightness made him the target of enemies, but he endured all and continued with his mission of extolling the virtues of Ahle Bait and making people aware of their righteousness.

Maulana Abbas AlamdarSA did not let go of the pot that he had filled with water even when the enemies severed both his hands. Alas, when an arrow pierced the pot and the water was spilt Abbas pleaded to Allah, “O Allah you know that the loss of water is more severe on me than the loss of my life.”

A mumin’s adherence to his MaulaTUS aggrieves the enemy who in turn tries to separate him from his MaulaTUS by anyway possible: lure, scorn or harm. But a mumin should remain steadfast in his commitment to MaulaTUS and Shariat. Seeking knowledge from MaulaTUS strengthens a mumin’s faith.

Asharah Mubarakah is an occasion to seek ilm and fortify one’s faith with taqwah and sabr: the two virtues Imam HusainSA and his Ashaab displayed in Kerbala in the face of the enormities of the enemies and for which even today, centuries later, we remember, weep and mourn them.