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Ashara 1435 – 3rd Moharram

Comprehension is the cornerstone of learning. No knowledge will benefit its seeker unless he comprehends it. Memorizing without understanding why lofty degrees are unable to find the right path. Knowledge is meaningful when it has relevance to a man’s life and helps better it. The sayings of RasulullahSAW, Maulana Ali (SA) Aimmat Tahereen (SA) and Doat Mutlaqeen (RA) are replete with wisdom and contain valuable lessons for life and hereafter. Mumineen are the blessed few who avail from the profound insights of their sayings as they only adhere to their heir, the Dai al Fatemi, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS).

The term “hadith” used to define Rasulullah’s (SAW) sayings also carries the meaning “present.” Thus, only by the presence of the contemporary heir of Rasulullah (SAW) can one gain the true meanings of his sayings. His presence lends authenticity to all past knowledge and brings history to life. The one who does not acknowledge this cannot understand even the simplest of Rasulullah’s (SAW) sayings.

Maulana Ali says (SA) that the one who ventures out to do business without understanding Deen will plunge into interest. Aali Qadr Maula (TUS) today emphasized the need for every mumin to comprehend the tenets of Deen as doing so is the ultimate perfection. Achieving this perfection is easy when we understand that deen is but mohabbat. Those who understand this find it easy to do what Maula (TUS) says and forsake what he denounces. Mumineen did not find it difficult to forsake their interest-ridden businesses once Maula (TUS) forbid them to do so.

Describing the virtues of his successor, Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) said that he is like unto me; and on another occasion he said that wealth lay beneath Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s (TUS) feet. Treasures of blessings are contained in these pithy sentences for those who understand its significance. They imply that every act of Maula (TUS) is in accordance with the acts of his predecessors and beneath his feet lie the good of both worlds.

Imam Husain’s zikr is the key to all knowledge and learning, as Aali Qadr Maula (TUS) pleading to Allah said, “May Allah enable us to comprehend everything due to the zikr of Imam HusainSA. His zikr is always fresh and tears flow from the eyes of those who comprehend it.”