Ashara 1435 – 4th Moharram

Human being is born like a clean piece of paper devoid of any impression. Every piece of knowledge he has to learn and every skill he has to acquire by using his senses and applying his intellect. Of the many ways of learning, an important mode is imitation. It is an instinctive way of learning, through which skills of survival are acquired. It therefore makes sense for a man to pattern his thoughts, beliefs, manners and appearance upon the one who has reached the standard of perfection, for in doing so, he will also, over a period of time, attain the same degree of perfection.

Excellent patterns are found in every species of creation. The date is the highest form of plant life. It remains firmly rooted even in places with little water and bears fruit even in times of drought. Among minerals ruby is the epitome; it cannot be destroyed by fire; it only glows more. Wearing a ring containing ruby immunes one from cholera or plague if one happens to travel to a place afflicted with these epidemics.

RasulullahSAW, his progeny Aimmat TahereenSA and Doat MutlaqeenRA are the pinnacles of humanity and in whom one finds the “excellent pattern.” People fashion their lifestyles upon those whom they fancy. In doing so they err in two ways: they follow imperfect models thus making their own lives imperfect, and secondly, these inept patterns keep changing with times, thus lacking any stability and identity.

Today, in Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinTUS we find the excellent pattern following which we will reach the pinnacle of excellence in both the worlds. Aali Qadr MaulaTUS explained that to be able to follow his pattern a mumin must fulfil three conditions:

[i] he should have complete trust in his Maula;
[ii] he should submit all his matters to Maula and
[iii] he should always approach his hazrat.

Whatever MaulaTUS says it is only for the good of mumineen and the one who carries out his commands with belief and conviction will surely see the benefits. Aali Qadr MaulaTUS urged mumineen and muminaat to grow beard and wear rida confidently and without any hesitation, apprehension or self-doubts. What matters ultimately is Maula’sTUS happiness and nothing else.

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