Ashara 1435 – 5th Moharram

A man learns and earns with one aim in mind: happiness -to be able to live a life of continuous joy, free from pain and anguish; poverty and privation. But all external comforts are useless if one is constricted in mind and heart. Vastness is a great bounty of Allah which a mumin receives in abundance if he obeys MaulaTUS and acts according to the Shariat. If there is vastness in heart and broadness in mind then no amount of external hardships will affect him: a small house; a cramped shop or a restricting circumstance will not constrict him.

As long as a mumin remains associated with MaulaTUS he will always experience vastness, whereas distance from MaulaTUS will lead to all forms of constriction. Aali Qadr MaulaTUS said that mumineen in thousands stand cramped for hours on end waiting for a brief glimpse of MaulaTUS. Such is their desire that they do not feel any hunger, thirst or fatigue. Only when MaulaTUS departs do they realize the physical inconveniences.

Maulana AliSA said, “Contentment is a treasure that never depletes.” Following Maula’s commands, however daunting they may appear, will surely lead to vastness if one does so with faith and conviction. After the battle of Hunain when RasulullahSAW gave a huge share of the spoils to the appeased, many people, including Ansaar, felt unhappy about it. RasulullahSAW advised them, “Aren’t you happy that people return with cattle and sheep, and you take RasulullahSAW back with you to your homes?”

Aali Qadr MaulaTUS added, “Rasulullah’s Dai, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin is ever present not only in every mumin’s heart, but in his home also. The one who realises the significance of this will value his house. The woman should not get frustrated with her housework but instead should take meticulous care in adoring the house. It is imperative for girls to learn home science in order to manage their homes and families effectively. For them Maula’s happiness lies in learning home science, for his happiness is the culmination of every science.

Ashara Mubarakah is an invaluable occasion to secure vastness in this life and hereafter. In these days MaulaTUS calls us towards the grief of Imam Husain (SA). A single drop shed in Imam Husain’s grief earns a mumin eight heavens. Can there be any vastness greater than this?

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