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Ashara 1435 – 6th Moharram

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa (TUS) is our Maula who calls us to the path of Allah through wisdom, preaching and with arguments that are best and gracious. Like Imam Ali Zain al abedeen (SA), who personally conveyed food to a hundred needy houses in Medina, in the cover of darkness, Maula (TUS) takes care of each and every mumin’s need enduring all his burdens in guiding him to the right path. Aali Qadr Maula (TUS) specifically narrated the example of a mumin whom Maula (TUS) revived with a gentle pat on his back after everything else had failed. That became the turning point in his life. Indeed Maula (TUS) has changed the lives of thousands through his wisdom and preaching.

Awliyah kiraam’s (SA) actions and deeds are such that they guide people to the right path.. Once Maulana Ali (SA) came to Rasulullah’s (SAW) house and knocked gently. When Umme Salmah opened the door, he held on to it lest it should open. Only when her footsteps died down, did he enter the house. On the other hand, the enemy stacked logs of wood at Maulana Ali’s (SA) house and threatened to burn it down. When Maulatena Fatema (SA) opened the door, the enemy did not spare her a moment to retreat to her sanctum; instead he stormed inside crushing her between the door and the wall.

Imam Husain (SA), on his way to Kerbala, offered water not only to the enemy’s army but also allowed their horses to drink. However, the enemies did not give a drop of water even to his innocent infant. When Imam Husain (SA) sought water for his infant son, he did not recount to them that he had provided them water before. Instead he guaranteed them jannat for a single drop of water. Recounting these parallels, Aali Qadr Maula (TUS) demonstrated clearly for all which path is better and which path is hideous.

In these days of Ashara mubarakah, Maula (TUS) calls us to the right path by conducting majalis to commemorate the grief and sorrow of Imam Husain (SA). These majalis are replete with pearls of wisdom and words of advice, and for those who understand and imbibe them, these majalis can be their turning points indeed.