Ikhtiar: Choice

In every choice that they make, the Awliya KiraamAS ascertain Allah’s happiness and accept it as their own; they act accordingly, no matter how difficult their plight, no matter how intense their suffering.  For us adna mumineen, AwliyaullahAS’s choices and actions enlighten the path towards making the right choice and the rewards inherent within.

AllahTA gives all of us intellect and moral agency; we are free to make our own choices. Choices determine our path; they determine our destiny. Awliya KiraamAS’s mohabbat is a moral compass that leads us to our ultimate goal—Jannat. Awliya KiraamAS constantly counsel us, support us and steer us along sirat e mustaqeem. Thus, when we choose, we do so with faith, confidence and itme’naan.

In the history of Islam and Iman, the choices of Awliya AS and their mohibbeen serve as beacons of moral agency.

Maulana Ibrahim KhalilullahAS

 The fire was lit, the catapult ready. The enemy prepared to launch Ibrahim NabiAS into the fire. In this time of great peril, Jibraeel descended and asked Ibrahim NabiAS if he wished to ask anything of Allah. Ibrahim Nabi declined and said:

“O Jibraeel! … If Allah’s qadaa’ dictates that I must burn in fire, then so be it! I choose not to question Allah’s will…doing so is not in my character! I will not argue or ask for consideration; I will accept Allah’s diktat.”

Indeed, Ibrahim Nabi AS willingly accepted Allah’s qadaa’ even when the enemy condemned him to burn. He trusted Allah, left his destiny in His hands, and Allah protected him. Ibrahim NabiAS’s choice affirmed that if you choose Allah’s happiness even in the most trying of times, He will reward you.

Maulana Ibrahim ibn RasulullahSAW and Imam Husain ibn AliAS

 RasulullahSAW was sitting with his son, Maulana Ibrahim, and his grandson, Imam HusainAS, when Jibraeel descended and said, “I bring a command from Allah! Ibrahim and HusainAS-both are your children! Allah’s qadaa’ decrees that one of them must be sacrificed. Whom do you choose?”

RasulullahSAW contemplated upon his decision. On one hand was his son Ibrahim, the youngest of his children. On the other was Husain, his beloved grandson!

Obeying Allah’s command, RasulullahSAW offered Ibrahim’s soul to Allah, knowing that HusainAS’s destiny lay in the scorching desert sands of Karbala.

RasulullahSAW did not question Allah’s decree, and readily carried out His wish. HeSAW confirmed that even when the reasoning behind His commands may seem unclear, even when the choice seems incredibly difficult, AllahTA only desires that which is good for us.

Haaris Hamdaan

Haaris Hamdaan was one of Maulana AliAS’s most devout followers. His enduring mohabbat for Amirul MumineenAS angered the enemy, who threatened to throw him into the fire if he did not stop preaching the magnificence and benevolence of Maulana AliAS. Haaris responded by saying, “Do what you want! My salvation rests only in the mohabbat of Maulana AliAS! I will never let go of it!” The enemy threw him into the fire. Haaris called out for Maulana AliAS, who extended his hand to Haaris and commanded the fire to spare him!

Haaris chose Maulana Ali’s walayat and Amirul Mumineen himself saved him, revealing that fire – jahannam – will never hurt those who choose Maulana AliAS and his mohabbat above all.

This incident is proof that when we draw our final breath, Maulana AliAS will recognise us; he will quench our thirst with Hawze Kausar! Why? We chose Allah’s happiness –Maulana AliAS’s mohabbat, even when life presented us other tempting, easier choices.

Maulana HurrAS

HurrAS was hovering on the edge of jannat and jahannam. Which did he choose?

HurrAS came forward, dropping to his knees. Addressing Imam HusainAS, he cried, “I was the first to stop your horse! Little did I know of the hardships that would befall you! Please save me! Please liberate me! Please let me be the first to die for you!”

Imam HusainAS granted raza mubarak to HurrAS, “You will rise to an exalted status in jannat! Go, fight! HurrAS fought with valor till his last breath.

Upon his martyrdom, Imam HusainAS graced him with his presence. Taking HurrAS’s head in his lap, Imam HusainAS said, “Hurr! Your mother has aptly named you ‘hurr’!”

Hurr chose the path of noor, mohabbat and jannat over the fires of jahannam. His decision affirmed that if you choose Imam HusainAS, Allah will free you from all your troubles, from all your sins! You too will become hurr – free!

Imam HusainAS

 Imam HusainAS was on the battlefield with Zulfaqaar in his hand. Jibraeel descended with a host of mala’ekat and asked if Imam HusainAS so wished, the mala’ekat would destroy Yazid’s army. HusainAS looked at Jibraeel and asked, “What is Allah’s will?” How could Jibraeel answer? His eyes filled with tears. “It is Allah’s will that you choose martyrdom!” HusainAS sheathed Zulfaqaar and carried out the will of Allah by bowing down unto Him in his final sajda.

Allah chose Awliya KiramAS – he chose Imam HusainAS and our Dai Maulana Mufaddal Saifuddin AqaTUS. They are the chosen ones (Ibaad Mustafawn). Imam HusainAS chose to pray for us in his final sajda; he chose to fulfill the will and happiness of Allah! Despite scorching desert heat, despite thirst and hunger, despite all suffering, Imam HusainAS sacrificed his followers, his family, and his own life – all for Allah’s happiness, for the preservation of Islam and for the eternal salvation of Rasulullah’s ummat! This is Husain’s shaan! His unparalleled courage, his magnificence, his selflessness!

Time and again, AllahTA and His AwliyaAS have affirmed that when we use our intellect in the light of AwliyaullahAS’s mohabbat and gladly choose Allah’s will and happiness in all circumstances, we too will reach that aala manzil of pleasing Allah.

Today, we ask ourselves, “What will we choose?”

Our Maula Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS is calling us to attend all nine majalis of Ashara Mubaraka. His happiness lies in the bukaa’ and matam of Imam HusainAS! Let history guide us. Let the choices of the Awliya KiraamAS and their mohibbeen instruct us. Let us make the right choice.

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