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Turab: soil, earth, dust…

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA spoke about Eisa Nabi AS and his birth. According to the Quran, Eisa’s birth is akin to the birth of Adam AS, who was created from the earth by the instruction, ‘Be!’ and so it was.

A deeply perceptive question is posed to those who believe in the divinity of Eisa AS: if you stand amazed at the birth of Eisa AS, then the birth of Adam AS-from nothing but the earth- should amaze you even further!

Among all of Maulana Ali’s kunyat (epithets), he desired ‘Abu Turab’ the most, since turab refers to mumin. In one instance, Rasulullah SAW disclosed to Maulana Ali AS that they were both born of the same earth. Mohammed SAW and Ali AS were both created from the same radiance that was divided into two. Some of that earth remained after their creation, from which Allah created their followers.

When we think of turab, it is the humble soil which lies beneath everyone’s feet, yet it has the miraculous potential of growth that will express itself in myriad forms of life. Within humility, like the humbleness of turab, lie the seeds of greatness. Humble beginnings must never be forgotten as they keep us rooted. The proud stature of the magnificent oak raising its head to the skies would be just deadwood awaiting the carpenter’s axe if it were to uproot itself from the humble soil.

To be called turab is a matter of utmost pride, may Allah Ta’ala keep us as humble as turab and as beloved by our Maula TUS as the name ‘Abu Turab’ was dearest to Amirul Mumineen AS.

May the turab at his feet-the khak-e-shifa– be kohl for our weeping eyes, and may we bow our heads at his feet until our final breath…