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Raza is such an essential part of a mumin’s life that the term oftentimes escapes analysis. A mumin rarely proceeds with life choices – be it big or small – without seeking raza from Aqa Maula TUS. However, when it is referred to as ‘permission’, it raises the brow of most modernists. ‘Permission’ is perceived suspiciously in a world where self-autonomy and individualism are applauded and everybody is the master of their own destiny, or at least they think so. But when scrutinized, everything is not as it seems. The world is cloaked in different disguises, seldom revealing its true self.

Burhanuddin Mola RA stated that without raza, nobody has the authority to call upon the faithful or intercede on anyone’s behalf to Allah. The Quran eloquently challenges, “Is there anyone who can intercede near Allah except by His permission?” Rasulullah SAW was given this raza, which was successively transferred to Molana Ali AS, then onwards to Aimmat Tahereen AS and in their seclusion to Duat Mutlaqeen RA.

Mola RA mentioned that thousands of mumineen from all across the world, had convened here today, bearing different passports. However, here in this majlis, they sat, holding just one passport: the passport of walayat (love).

It made one wonder, in spite of the modern world’s disenchantment with raza, why people, seek permission when entering another country, only travel with visas and passports and adhere to other regulations. So, then, why not for this higher calling? Why not seek raza and guidance from Aqa Maula TUS who is the only one who can intercede on their behalf to the Almighty? The falsehood slowly falls apart, the guise of modernity is nothing but shallow character.

Later in the sermon, Mola RA spoke of those, who were in Dawat, just for their own convenience. Their love or loyalties did not lie with the Dai, whom they saw as just a figurehead. They looked askance at all the intricate workings of Dawat. They were like snakes which shed their skins every season: a new disguise to cloak an old enmity!

Perhaps they were riled by the need for raza, which if perceived correctly, was a blessing. If permissions were not needed, they wouldn’t be asked, and if they were not asked then how would one be guided correctly? Guidance and mentorship is necessary, more than ever, if the task ahead is of vast magnitude. How else was the Dai going to perform the ultimate task of taking our souls to heaven? It is a cause for great wonder that the faithful attain salvation in spite of the many ideologies that challenge the faith. There is no mystery about why those that perish, will perish. It is, however, a mystery how the faithful receive salvation.

May Allah grant our Mola, our guide, with whose raza and intercession, we hope to reach jannat, a healthy and fulfilled life till the day of judgement.