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The Dua of Imam Ali Zainulabedeen – II

Shehre Ramadan is a time for silat – connecting with other mumineen; a time to give and uplift the less fortunate and to make peace with the ones we have hurt or harmed.

Along with the obligations of Shehre Ramadan, Imam AS also commands us to do the deeds of tatawwo that bring us closer to Allah and redeem us of our sins. He begs Allah to grant us the strength to act with such fervor that it puts us on the same plane as the angels.

In the next part of the dua, Imam AS pleads to Allah ta’ala by the sanctity of His month: by all the pious people who since the beginning of time have worshipped Him; from angels to his Prophets to devout worshippers: to pray salawaat on Mohammed and his descendants: and to make us worthy of all the blessings promised to Awliya’ Kiram AS and those who attain heaven’s abode by following in their footsteps.

He further asks for guidance towards the right path away from infidelity; belittling Almighty: disbelief and uncertainty in religion: and away from the path leading to Satan.

In the final part of the dua, Imam AS makes a plea to Allah to grant us salvation from hellfire along with the thousands of souls granted redemption during the holy nights of Shehre Ramadan. It is said that each night thousands of souls are granted salvation but that number becomes manifold on the thirtieth night of Shehre Ramadan. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddn RA initiated the rasam of staying up the thirtieth night in prayer and dua.

Imam Ali Zainulabedeen AS further solicits the Almighty to purify us of sins by the end of the month. He, then, asks us to fast and pray as ordered by Allah ta’ala so that on the Day of Judgment the days and nights of Shehre Ramadan bear testimony to our ibadat rather than our ignorance.

Finally he dictates that we continue these good deeds throughout the year until our last breath so that Allah ta’ala counts us among His true devotees who are given a place in Heaven for eternity: And those who are thrilled to be returning to His presence: and those who hasten towards attaining His happiness.

The dua ends with salawaat on Mohammed and his descendant; to be prayed each hour, each minute, each second and in all circumstances; salawaat which can be counted by none other than Allah taala.

The dua of Imam Ali Zainulabedeen AS is a perfect guide for ibadat in Shehre Ramadan. Each dawn as we pray this dua and understand its meaning we are led on a course of correction. As students, in our busy schedules, this dua acts as a wake-up call resounding every morning so that we adhere to the principles of Ibadat in Shehre Ramadan. Moreover, when we listen to this dua being recited by the Da’i of Imam Ali Zainulabedeen AS, Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, each word comes alive and we are assured of the realization of each dua. May our Maula and Aqa Syedna Aali Qadr live forever to lead us in prayers of Shehre Ramadan. Ameen.