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Trust- Tawakkul- Bharoso

Trust is an undefinable instinct, which paradoxically asserts its presence most, when it is not there.

It is an intangible entity that serves as a foundation for any civilised society. It is famously said that, a business runs on trust. Financial acumen, negotiation skills, the gift of gab, or even lengthy water-tight contracts will only get you so far. Sometimes, just a man’s word is enough if he is trustworthy.

In today’s waaz Ibrahim nabi’s SA complete trust, and utter surrender to Allah’s will was narrated. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, spoke about the weeping of angels in heaven when the fire was set for his incineration. Even though help was offered, he refused, unwavering in his trust in Allah, even if that meant being burned. The tranquility and peace of mind that comes with trust is a defining factor of Ibrahim nabi’s AS religion.

Trust is not a gullible trait of simpletons, as some worldly wise people would presume. It is a liberating tool that frees one from the shackles of distrust; the opposite of trust. Distrust leaves one in a constant state of agitation which is sadly a self-enforced form of punishment.

Syedna RA warned mumineen to be wary of the enemies of Dawat. Maintaining social distancing from them in all forms was the only way to safeguard the blessing of trust that a mumin enjoys. Their deathly arrows of distrust and discontent are sugar coated and would not reveal their lethal dose until the poison had spread everywhere. Recovery from such a malaise is often very difficult.  There is no guarantee of a favourable prognosis.

It is trust in the Dai that enables the Imam AS to be at peace in seclusion. Syedna RA stated that, if the munim (manager) is such, than the (owner) Seth can be tranquil and content. We are indeed blessed to live in this atmosphere of trust.  This trust sweetens our religious life and also our worldly dealings where we are proudly known as the Bohras, a trustworthy business community. Bohra qawm, vepaari qawm.


May Allah grant Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin, in whom lies our trust, prosperous and happy till the end of time. Ameen.