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Urus Mubarak – 1436H. Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA

It has been a year since Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA left us for his heavenly abode. It has been a year since that fateful morning that plunged an entire community into mourning. It has been a year since we saw that smiling face and radiant countenance. The face that, for 50 years, was the guiding star for every one of us man, woman and child. The face whose radiance illuminated the lives of every individual who saw it’s warm smile. A smile that now remains etched in our memories, a smile that we long to see again.

Today, as we prepare to observe his first urs mubarak, his love and reverence has brought thousands of mumeneen thronging towards his grave just as it did a year back on his janaza mubarakah and to his hazrat all throughout his lifetime. Now as then, they have come to ask for his guidance and receive his blessings. They have come to join his son in reminiscence. They have come to answer the call of his heir. They have come to see that smile on the face of Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS.

On the eve of Milad un Nabi, the celebrations of Prophet Mohammed’sSAW birth anniversary will mark the start of the days of urus of Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA.

On the eve of Milad un Nabi, Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA had arrived in Raudat Tahera for the last time. Mumeneen swarmed for his deedar, converging in the Raudat to witness the radiance of Imam uz ZamanSA in his eyes. Today they will again converge in Raudat Tahera and witness that radiance emitting from his qabar Mubarak.

Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS states in his marsiya :

 On the eve of the Milad of Khair il anam(Prophet Mohammed) 1
 He showed us Imam uz Zaman’s radiance in his eyes,2
 He completed the ziyarat of Syedna Taher Saifuddin, 3
  And bestowed mumeneen with his wada salaam.4

Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA, often mentioned in his wada bayaan :
O mumeneen! I stayed here with comfort. Mumeneen, men, women and children came for my deedar everyday. Small children called out “Maula! Maula!” when they saw me.
Now Mamlook-o-Aale Mohammed parts from you. I will not be in your sights, but I will remain etched in your hearts. Whenever you think of me you will see me. O Mumeneen! You will see me everywhere. Don’t forget me, keep remembering me, I will remember you. I will always pray for you. If you need anything, just call out my name, Allah will help you succeed. All your difficulties will ease.
I stayed amongst you as much as I could. You would come to me and return with my prayers. Now, I am leaving you, if you need anything, call out my name and my dua will come to your aid. Now, I bestow upon you my last salaam. “As Salam-o-alaikum, wa rehmatullah-e-wa-barakaatoh”.

Today, during these days of his urus Mubarak, we call out:
Ya Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA! We have come to you, our hearts filled with your love, your smiling face before our eyes. We have come to tell you that your mohabbat will never fade from our hearts. And we will always pray to Allah that by the barakat of your dua, may Allah grant your son and heir Ali Qadr Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS a long and healthy life.