Farazdaq bhai Cutlerywala recalls

The most memorable day in my life was September 22, 1987. Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA after delivering Ashara Mubaraka Waaz in Karachi was on the way to Lake Saiful Muluk in Kaghan ValIey, a place known as Asia’s Switzerland.

We the members of the Burhani Scout Group, Karachi were on a hiking trek, also in the Lake Saiful Mulk area. Our naseeb was great that day – Maula’s RA jeep was going up the mountain at the same time we were climbing towards the top. This was really a phenomenal sight for us – an unbelievable roohaani nazaarah. But the best was yet to come…

Soon Maula’s jeep was near us and we lined up for deedar. Our greatest sharaf was that Maula stepped out of the jeep and gave us the honour of qadambosi. Maula tabassum farmayu and asked our names and placed his mubarak hand on our backs for hiking up such a steep mountain. Maula RA asked the photographer to take pictures. We were filled with happiness.

The driver, who was a mumin bhai, told us, ‘Bhaiyo, tamey to jeeti gaya’.He revealed that Maula RA was watching the four of us climb the mountain. He said “Aqa Maula vaar um vaar farmayu ke aa chaar mumin bhai, kitna khoobi si topi pehni ney pahaar charhi rahya chey. Maney ehna si malwu chhey”. Maula RA also mentioned that if the boys are tired we can give them a ride.

We were stunned. After this blessed moment, we reached base camp. The same mumin bhai came to us and gave us gol roti that Aqa Maula had sent for us with the message that “Mein ghano khush thayo. Tamey topi pehni ney pahaar charha. Khuda tamney ghani ghani barakat aapsey”.

From that day onwards, there is barakaat and barakaat in our lives.

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