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Mannan bhai Shakir recalls

On Monday, October 8th 1990, my family and I received the sharaf and barakat of
qadambosi and ziyafat. I did araz to al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA about a long standing weakness in my right hand and right leg. Maula asked me how this happened. I explained as best as I could that I had a major cervical spinal cord surgery. Since then I had lost strength in my hand and leg. After my surgery, the doctor put me on certain oils three times a day on a daily basis.

After listening to this araz, Aqa Maula placed his mubarak hand with a firm grip on top of my shoulder and ran it to the tip of my fingers and placed his qadam mubarak on my leg.

After our ziyafat we bid farewell to our beloved Aqa Maula RA with heavy hearts and tears in our eyes. The same night, around 1:30 am, I fell asleep in the family room. Now, here is the hard part for me to describe – I felt a sudden sensation which lasted not more than 10 seconds. I felt a jerk, a jolt in my right hand and my right leg. I felt the temperature increase in my hand and leg. I felt something moving very rapidly from my right shoulder to the tip of my fingers and in my right leg. I sat up and told my wife about this experience. I also mentioned this incident to my friends and relatives. They all said that, “This is nothing but Aqa Maula’s mo´jizah.” Today, I have more strength in my hand and leg than before. And I no longer take the prescribed pills. Aqa Maula no shukr araz karu chhu for changing me completely.