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Mufaddal bhai Yamani Recalls

I was studying in my 3 rd year at Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah when I learnt a shocking reality: my mother was suffering from an advanced stage of cancer. That year we received the great honour of offering ziyaafat to Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA. Only after we had completed the ziyaafat did my mother have the courage and confidence to break this heart wrenching news to my sister and I.

In the ziyaafat, which was during Shehrullah, my mother did araz to Burhanuddin Maula RA about her condition. Maula RA calmly listened to her and then advised her to begin her treatment after Eid al-Fitr.

On the day of Eid al-Fitr my father and mother went to Raudat Tahera for deedar and there they got the chance to do araz once more about starting my mother’s treatment. Maula RA looked at my mother and said “Tu bimaar che? Tu to taazi laage che!” and gave razaa mubarak to begin the treatment.

With the strength that comes only from Maula’s razaa mubarak, my mother went to consult one of the best cancer specialists in the country. After running his diagnostics, the doctor said that the cancer had reached a very advanced stage and flatly refused to take up my mother’s treatment as according to him she did not have more than 6 months to live and treatment would do her no good.

Such was my mother’s belief in Maula’s razaa that she said to the doctor “His Holiness has given me permission to start treatment, so if you are not willing to treat me I will go to another doctor.” Hearing such words of confidence the doctor was amazed and said “If you have so much belief in His Holiness then I am willing to help you.” Thus, he started my mother’s treatment.

Where the doctor had said she would not survive more than six months, Maula’s RA du’aa’ mubarak bestowed her with four more years of  life. By the end of the first year of treatment, even the doctor acknowledged that there was some divine intervention that had granted my mother life, something science could never explain. The doctor kept insisting on meeting Maula RA in whom my mother had such firm belief; and when he did he was convinced that more than his medicine it was Maula RA  who was treating my mother.