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Sakina Ben Valika recalls

Syedna Mohammed Burhauddin RA was in Houston and we had all travelled there for deedar and qadambosi. My younger brother Habib, who was only twelve at the time, had been diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, which is a very rare but serious form of cancer. The tumour was in his ear bone, a very dangerous place. He lived in Pakistan along with my parents, however, they had all come to America for his treatment.

My father was in line for qadambosi, and had intended to do araz to Syedna Mohammed Burhauddin RA for his son’s shifaa’. However, after he did qadambosi, he found that he couldn’t speak, and so he started walking away. To his surprise, Syedna Mohammed Burhauddin RA yeh ishaaro kido. The khidmatguzar standing by Maula RA called him and said “Maula RA tamne bulaawe chey“. He came before Maula RA who asked him “tamey Godhra na cho?” No one had done araz about this. My father answered yes, in astonishment. Maula RA asked “Pachi tamey yahaa raho cho?” He replied, “Na Maula, Pakistan ma rahu chu. Pan maara dikraa ne cancer thai gayu chey. Hamey treatment waaste yahaa aayaa chey.” Maula RA shifaa’ waaste duaa’ mubarak farmavi. In this way, Syedna Mohammed Burhauddin RA allowed my father to say his heart’s prayer aloud.

The memory doesn’t just end here. Since my brother’s diagnosis, my mother had been praying ‘Maula RA maara dikraa par haath mubarak phiraawile, shifaa’ thai jaai’. She had never thought that this wish would come true. But when my brother did qadambosi, Maula RA emaj amal kidu. Maula RA asked where exactly the cancer was and maatha par haath mubarak phiraayo. My mother witnessed it and as she was walking my brother back, she turned around and saw Maula RA was looking at her. She felt as if Maula RA was saying ‘manei tamaari dil ni ummeed khabar chey’.

My brother overcame his cancer. Suffice to say that there is no end to Maula’s grace and love, and we will always arz shukr.