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Bayan 2

During this year’s Imtihan Sanawi (Annual Examinations) of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, students of Darajah Rabeah (Year 4) were asked to prepare a speech to be presented before an audience of businessmen based upon the following hadith shareef of Rasul Allah SA:

The cowardly businessman goes unrewarded, while the one who is courageous is rewarded with his livelihood.

Using the example of the current and uncertain times, today’s bayan defined courage for us. Under the guidance of Syedna al-Dai al-Ajal TUS, Mumineen all over the world provided for those affected by the current events. Uncertainty over their own livelihoods was no impediment to them, fully placing their faith and trust in Maula’s TUS dua mubarak.

In Madina Munawwara, during preparation for the Battle of Khandaq, the sister of Noman bin Bashir was asked by her mother to take some dates to her father and maternal uncle. As she passed by Rasul Allah SA, he asked her to bring what she had with her to him. She poured the dates into his hands, barely filling them. Then RasulAllah SA called for a piece of cloth, upon which he placed the dates. He then directed someone to call all those present to partake from the dates. They all ate until each had had his fill. Each time a date was taken, the number of dates remaining increased, to the extent that some even fell from the edges of the cloth.

Whenever Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA narrated the Battle of Khandaq, he stressed that it was a critical time for Islam. Yet despite the adversity and uncertainty, there were blessings and bounties for Mumineen due to the presence of RasulAllah SA. The same is true today.

Four deeds lead to an increase in livelihood and sustenance, both worldly and spiritual:

  1. Tasbih of AstaghfirAllah: 1000 times each morning
  2. Maulana Imam Jafar us Sadiq AS states, ‘Livelihood hastens towards a person who feeds others faster than a knife pierces a camel’s hump.
  3. Rasul Allah SA states, ‘The last morsels left in a dish contain the most barakat. Firishtah bless with salawat and pray for the increased prosperity of those who wipe a dish clean with their fingers and eat every last morsel of food; they will receive manifold hasanat.’
  4. Rasul Allah SA states, ‘Trustworthiness brings forth livelihood’.

It is due to the guidance of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS that we gather the courage to acknowledge and repent for our sins and wrongdoings, spend our earnings in feeding others, make the effort to ensure that not even a single morsel of food is wasted and develop good character –four traits which ensure greater prosperity for us.

Today, as the world faces an economic challenge, our Hudaat Kiram AS have shown us how to overcome it.