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Bayan 9

 9th ShehrAllah 1441

Surat al-Maoon is a Makkiya surah meaning that it was reveled in Makkah Mukarrama. 85 surahs of the Quran have been revealed in Makkah while the remaining 29 were revealed in Madina Munawwara.

The first aayat of this surah speaks of those who deny the Day of Qiyamat: Abu Sufyan and others of that ilk. The second aayat refers to those who push away orphans. Abu Sufyan was known for his eye-service. Since the Arabs greatly valued acts of charity, he would publicly carry out such acts to boost his image. One day an orphan approached him for food, instead of offering him some he pushed him away.

This surah reveals that along with firm beliefs, good character is of import as well. It particularly highlights the evils of miserliness and eye-service. The prevalence of social media today has led many to indulge in narcissism and eye-service.

One question put forward to students in Year 4 of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah during this year’s Imtihan Sanawi asked about the importance of time and time management. It is narrated that a group of people came before Amirul Mumineen AS and claimed to him, ‘we are your followers’. After observing them at length, Amirul Mumineen AS replied, ‘I do not find in you the traits of followers’. He then went on to describe these traits with one of them being ‘protectors of the sun, moon and stars’, that is praying namaz at the stipulated times.

Each deed and act has a specific time, for example the timings for rozah and the days of Hajj. The Quran praises those who protect their namaz. Imam Mohammed al-Baqir AS states that protecting namaz means by praying it on time.

The importance of acting at the right time is seen during Fath Misr. Imam Moiz’s AS army led by Maulana Qaidjohar reached the banks of the Nile. The bridge leading to the other side was occupied by the opposing army. At that moment Maulana Qaidjohar told Jafar bin Fallah that it is for this day that Amirul Mumineen Imam Moiz AS has sought you. At that very moment, Jafar dived into the river and made his way to the other side.

As the Battle of Muta took place, Rasul Allah SA was in Madina narrating to his Ashaab the events taking place as if they were happening before his very eyes. He mentioned how Maulana Jafar al-Tayyar took the standard, set out for battle and attained shahadat. Then Zaid bin Harita did the same. Then Rasul Allah SA remained silent. After a while he stated that Abdullah bin Rawaha too had done the same.

Rasul Allah AS then mentioned that both Maulana Jafar al-Tayyar and Zaid bin Haritha were seated in jannat each upon a luxurious bed. Abdullah bin Rawaha too is seated on a bed, however, there is a defect in his. This is because after being handed the standard he delayed setting out to battle.

The sun rose again for Amirul Mumineen AS so that he could pray Asr in its time and showed that the day and age, time and space are in the services of Awliya Allah AS. That is why those who answer Syedna al-Dai al-Ajal’s TUS call to attend waaz in Ashara Mubaraka before time are never locked down by the constraints of time and space.

Amirul Mumineen Maulana Ali AS states, ‘the remaining life of a Mumin is priceless’. May we make the most of these blessed days and nights of ShehrAllah and utilize the time given to us.