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Glimpses – 7th Moharrum 1437 H

‘Al-Misbah Fi Zujaajah. Al-Zujaajat Kannahaa Kaukab Durri’

The Lantern is in A Glass, The Glass is Like a Brilliant Star

 Al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA was the transparent, clear glass through which we saw the lantern of eternal knowledge. Awliyaullah AS, divine light personified, have guided Mumineen towards the hereafter. Al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, stated that they encourage us to contemplate the various aspects of this world and the next. A person’s outlook, understanding and predisposition is determined by the clarity in them – clarity of thought, love and purpose and this was illustrated by examples from Awliyaullah’s conduct as well as the ideals a Mumin should follow in his day to day life.

A name of Maulatona Fatema AS was al-Zahraa’, due to the radiance of her noorani face. When asked to describe the radiance of Maulatona Fatema’s AS mubarak face, one lady replied, ‘At night when we were in her august presence, some women were stitching. If they needed to thread a needle, they would bring it close to Maulatona Fatema AS and thread their needles by her radiance.’ Maula TUS stated that it was because of the conceptual clarity they possessed regarding the lofty position of Maulatona Fatema AS that they were able to do so. During the seclusion of the Imam AS, the Duat Mutlaqeen AS, bear the barakat of Kisaa’ al-Tatheer. The Duat Mutlaqeen AS, are such a fine and pure veil that those whose thoughts are pure can clearly see in them the noor of the Imam AS.

Maula TUS recalled the hadeeth mubarak of Rasulullah SA ‘Contemplation is a clear mirror’, and stated that the thoughts of a person reveal his personality. He then mentioned the similarity between the Arabic word for mirror and the word for woman, and narrated five events that revealed the purity of Maulatona Umme Salamaa’s RA thoughts and principles and the impurity of one other who although privileged to be the wife of Rasulullah SA and residing in his house, did not reside in his heart.

Maulatona Umme Salama RA was asked about the Ayat al-Tatheer (Verse of Purification), the person asking the question added that another wife of Rasulullah SA had sent him to her. Maulatona Umme Salamaa RA pointed out that if she wanted to, she could have told you. She then narrated in detail how Rasulullah SA called for the Panjataan Paak and then placed a Yemeni cloak over them. Seeing this Maulatona Umme Salama RA, requested Rasulullah SA to include her, which he declined but went on to say ‘You are of virtue’. Maula TUS showed how this incident revealed the trustworthiness of Maulatona Umme Salama RA. She narrated the event as it took place, without concealing anything – even the aspect that might impact on her own prestige. On the other hand, the other woman had no intention to narrate the preeminence of Khamsat Athaar AS. Her feelings towards them were revealed both in her concealing this narrative and then in her later actions against the Awliyaullah.

Syedna al-Dai al-Ajal TUS stated that ‘A Mumin is a Mumin’s mirror’. While we may perhaps have been conditioned to assume that a mirror should only be used to show flaws in appearance, Maula TUS pointed out that it should let each other know their commendations and qualities as well. Likewise, the true Mumin: Maula shows us the correctness of our faith and beliefs. It was in this manner that Maulatona Umme Salama RA conveyed events and happenings as they were. This trustworthiness meant that when Rasulallah SA was given a phial of sand from Karbala, he entrusted it to her and told her that when she sees that the phial of sand has turned red, she should know that Imam Husain AS has been slain.

Maula TUS emphasised that we belief in a silsilah, a chain of succession, from Anbiyaa’ Kiraam, Aimmat Tahereen and Duat Mutlaqeen AS, there is no break in this chain. In the chain of Duat Mutlaqeen comes Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, to whom Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA while delivering Asharah Mubarakah waaz mubarak in Khambat, India in 1359H narrated the meanings of Ayat al-Noor and related the ayat shareefah ‘ Al-Misbah Fi Zujaajah. Al-Zujaajat Kannahaa Kaukab Durri to al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA. Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA states that when Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA recited Quran, he shone like a brilliant star, a trait that was well known by both Mumineen and Muslimeen, especially when he recited Ayat al-Noor. He was a lamp, placed in a glass, that shone like a brilliant star. When doing his deedar, we saw Imam al-Zaman AS, but rather we witnessed Panjatan Paak AS. Until the end of his years he remained a clear and transparent glass, and if anyone were to say the contrary then it was a denial of Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s RA words.

Syedna al-Dai al-Ajal TUS explained that glass has two important properties. In a plane or a car or a building, glass allows those inside to look out, while also protecting them from even the most extreme external weather conditions. There are many types of glass, including bullet proof and sound proof glass. Some glass can break and some is unbreakable and then he remarked that many Mumineen are in the glass business, and in their mohabbat they are unbreakable. One’s mohabbat should be unbreakable. Even among ourselves, our friendships and affection should be of the enduring kind. Friendships should not be fragile like glass. He mentioned that we sometimes say that ‘he is a vessel of glass’ implying the ease by which his affection can be shattered.

Atop many tall buildings there is usually glass that allows the viewer to see below and across, whilst keeping him safe. Nonetheless, one still feels a bit wary and the look down can lead to vertigo. However, for a Mumin who transcends this physical realm and arrives in the soaring rooms of his new abode in the Hereafter, he will be able to look down upon this world without any fear.

Maula TUS enjoined upon Mumineen to undertake grand projects with resolve and firm will, but never forget to pay attention to the minor details – the ‘nuts and bolts’. Early in the waaz mubarak, Syedna al-Dai al-Ajal TUS encouraged us towards inventiveness in whichever field of expertise we happen to be in. Invent things that benefit all of mankind, whether it be in medicine, architecture, computer science or whatever other field one may be in. One should ponder over knowledge that has the potential to benefit, and make contributions that result in the betterment of society at large.

From the exceptional conduct of Ratan Aaisaheba QR, the esteemed mother of al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA, we can learn how to pay attention to minute and easily neglected matters. She would call the younger students of Darse Saifee during early evening and individually ask about them. She provided the motherly love and comfort to those young students who had left their mothers and journeyed to Darse Saifee. She would even ask them if she could prepare for them a dish they liked, and with the aqeelat (wife) of Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA, she would go to the kitchen prepare the dish and with her hands make roti for them.

Maula TUS then took us back to the era of the Fatemi empire, when Imam Qaaim AS sought to build a canal to bring water from Qayrawan to Mansuriyah, over a distance of 46 kilometers. Various hindrances, particularly the uprising of Dajjal, prevented its completion. Later, Imam Moiz AS revived the project. It was a hugely ambitious and expensive project, with Imam AS going as far as stating that if need be the waterways could be built of glass. A thousand years ago such a thought may have been greeted as the stuff of fantasy, yet today all-glass structures are quite the norm. Maula TUS mentioned, that it was Imam Moiz AS who invented the fountain pen, once again indicating the grandness of Imam’s thought and his unwavering resolve. Finally, Maula stressed that if we were to invent something or make advances in a field, it should lead to us recalling the Creator who bestowed us with the intellect to be able to do so.

Awliyaullah AS seek to bring to Mumineen canals of ‘ilm. Knowledge is regarded as light, and ‘waters of knowledge’ is also a terminology that we are familiar with. Even the zaahiri ´ilm of Aale Mohammed AS is such that the one who benefits from it feels that he has unlocked the realities and purpose of creation. The ultimate reality and objective in the study of knowledge is seeing the glories of Maula and understanding his lofty standing. Aimmat Tahereen AS continued to bring the canals of knowledge to their followers. Through Majaalis Moayadiyyah, Imam AS made canals of knowledge flow to the Duat Mutlaqeen AS; the nohaa ibaarat recited each day is from these texts. Imam Aamir AS sent an old handkerchief to Maulatona Hurrat al-Malekah thereby conveying to her his impending shahaadat. Likewise, Duat Mutlaqeen, constructed canals which flowed with divine knowledge. Syedna Idris Imaduddin RA made it clear that Dawat will soon function from Hind, due to the angelic deeds of Maulaya Adam QR. The hudud of Duat Mutlaqeen, too, made canals of wisdom and erudition flow. Maulaya Raja, did not let jewels and pearls distract him from his namaaz, but rather he repented for his sins and sought nothing but water for his wudu.

The events of Karbala are such, that until the day of Qiyaamat, waters of divine knowledge will continue to flow from it and thousands of souls will be able to quench their thirst. The actions and beliefs of Maulana Abbas Alamdar let flow a sea of loyalty. Likewise, Maulana Aliakber, despite his burning thirst did not go and beseech anyone but Maulana Husain AS.

Towards the end of the waaz mubarak, Maula TUS stated that I have one counsel, let your tears flow for Imam Husain AS, do maatam, and when you hear of the misfortunes that befell him, let out a loud cry of lament: Aahin! Aahin!

In acting in accordance to the teachings of Maula, with true love in our hearts and paying heed to the exceptional conduct of Awliyaullah, we will be among those who will be picked when Maulatona Fatema’s chosen ones enter the field of mahshar and pick followers to enter jannat with them. The criterion for being chosen is as simple as to have served a sip of water for the sake of Fatema’s mohabbat.

May Allah Taala grant our beloved Maula a long and prosperous life till the day of Qiyaamat, may he continue to shine like a brilliant star and quench our thirst with the water of ´ilm Aale Mohammed SA.